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Get access to our comprehensive Data Science Interview Mastery bundle, which includes all seven courses valued at $5579, for an exclusive price of just $2997, saving you a remarkable $2582.
The bundle comprises the following courses:
  1. Product Case Interview Mastery
  2. SQL Interview Mastery
  3. Statistics Interview Mastery
  4. Machine Learning Interview Mastery
  5. Coding Interview Mastery
  6. Behavioral Interview Mastery
  7. Landing Data Science Interviews
With this bundle, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge and expertise in all areas essential for acing data science interviews. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your skills and enhance your chances of securing your dream data science job.

Machine Learning Interview Mastery

Our signature Machine Learning Interview Mastery Course is designed to help you land your dream data science job. With data-driven lessons, cheat sheets, practice problems, and more, you'll develop the skills and confidence you need to ace data science interviews. 

What you will get

1. Lessons

5 categories of lessons have been specifically designed to further your knowledge in machine learning interviews. Focused on providing the skills and knowledge you need to ace interviews, lessons cover:

  • Machine Learning Systems
  • Data and Feature Engineering
  • Machine Learning Models
  • Model Comparison and Selection
  • Model Training and Validation
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Time Series

2. Cheat Sheet

We’ve carefully curated a Machine Learning Interview Cheat Sheet to offer step-by-step instructions on how to tackle data and feature engineering, understand the pros and cons of ML algorithms, complete model comparison, handle loss functions, and implement evaluation metrics.

3. Case Studies

Our Machine Learning Interview Mastery Course includes three case studies in the following commonly-tested categories:

  • User Segmentation
  • ETA Prediction
  • Recommendation System

4. Interview Question Bank

A comprehensive collection of 152 up-to-date, real data science interview questions organized by companies and categories. Our question bank covers topics in evaluation metrics, data and feature engineering, time series, ensemble method, tree-based model, clustering model, linear model, neural networks, NLP, model comparison and selection, linear algebra, terminology, and ML Ops.

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